Microsoft apes Apple’s failed app strategy in Windows 10

Microsoft continues to make Windows 10 work more like MacOS. The Windows 10 Creators Update due this spring is taking a page from Apple’s MacOS app security model: A settings option to limit app installation to only those apps available in the Windows app store.

(Other ways Windows 10 is copying MacOS is in its adoption of MacOS- and iOS-style management APIs and in replicating, incrementally, Apple’s Handoff functionality.)

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4 strategies to root out your security risks

You’ll never reduce your security risk if you can’t identify and mitigate the root causes of those vulnerabilities. It isn’t enough to have a list of malware programs that your antimalware has detected. You need to to determine how viruses and hackers have penetrated your environment in the past.

In the vast majority of organizations, two root causes are responsible for successful exploits: unpatched software and social engineering. All other root causes generally account for less than a few percentage points of the risk. The key to reducing computer security risk is that every organization needs to determine its own, most prevalent root causes.

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Amazon’s AWS buys Thinkbox Software, maker of tools for creative professionals

 It looks like Amazon’s AWS has made another acquisition to add more productivity tools for its customers beyond basic cloud-computing services. It has picked up Thinkbox Software, which develops and sells solutions for media design and content creation aimed at people in the video and wider visual media industries. Examples of services that Thinkbox already offers include systems… Read More