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Facebook teaches machines to negotiate with humans

 Though Facebook is rarely mentioned alongside Apple, Microsoft and Amazon in discussions about conversational AI, the company has published a hoard of papers that underscore a deep interest in dialog systems. As has become clear with Siri, Cortana and Alexa, dialog is hard — it requires more than just good speech recognition to deliver a killer experience to users. From the sidelines… Read More

Steve Ballmer: we should have turned Microsoft into a “world-class hardware company”

Steve Ballmer (credit: Microsoft)

Talking at Recode's oddly-named code conference, former Microsoft CEO expressed one big regret from his time at the company: that they didn't get into hardware soon enough.

"I was too slow to recognize the need for new capability, and particularly in hardware," he told Kara Swisher. "I wish we'd built the capability to be a world-class hardware company."

The desire to get into hardware was motivated by two things. First, because even as a software company, Ballmer said that "one of the new expressions of software is essentially hardware." This is a theme that's been alluded to by Microsoft's Surface division on many occasions: Surface hardware is designed in tandem with, and to be a reflection of, Windows software, with each part showcasing the other. After early stumbles, the Surface team has produced a number of products that have been well-received and it appears to be carving out a decent niche for itself.

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Microsoft Maluuba is teaching machines to ask questions

 Microsoft Maluuba, the research team of PhDs that Microsoft acquired back in January, has been hard at work exploring the nexus of machine learning and question generation with the aim of delivering an intelligent personal assistant that surpasses the limited capabilities of today’s market leaders. Read More

Harman Kardon’s Cortana-powered speaker leaks ahead of launch

 Microsoft wants in on the Google Home and Amazon Echo party. Harman Kardon makes this Echo-lookalike is made by Harman Kardon and it’s powered by Microsoft’s Cortana voice platform. The device apparently launches this fall and could be officially revealed later this week. Called the Invoke, the product page for the unannounced product was discovered by before it was… Read More

Microsoft officially ends support for a bunch of Windows phones

Lumia 950 (credit: Peter Bright)

Microsoft has just released a couple of new Windows Insider builds for people on the fast ring, one for PC and one for mobile. The builds are surprisingly divergent.

For PC, the build is numbered 16176; it's another Redstone 3 build, though as with the first Redstone 3 build, it doesn't change a whole lot. It adds access to serial ports from the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which will help with remote device debugging. The build also fixes some minor bugs while introducing a new, less minor bug.

Specifically, if you use a Centennial application built using the Desktop Bridge—Microsoft's semi-virtualized technology for putting existing Win32 applications in the Windows Store—your system will crash. This will cause a Green Screen of Death—green, because a few builds back, Microsoft changed the screen color for Insider system crashes. At a glance, then, you can see the difference between a crashing machine on the stable Windows branch (as these remain blue) and a crashing machine on the developer branch.

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