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The Surface Laptop makes the new Surface Pro mostly a nonstarter

 It’s been a week with the new Pro — Microsoft’s part-tablet/part-laptop hybrid machine —  and I already find myself looking longingly at the Surface Laptop. It’s not that the latest Surface Pro isn’t a good and capable machine (it is), it’s just that, well, the Laptop is much better for my needs — and, I’m sure, the needs of most… Read More

Facebook teaches machines to negotiate with humans

 Though Facebook is rarely mentioned alongside Apple, Microsoft and Amazon in discussions about conversational AI, the company has published a hoard of papers that underscore a deep interest in dialog systems. As has become clear with Siri, Cortana and Alexa, dialog is hard — it requires more than just good speech recognition to deliver a killer experience to users. From the sidelines… Read More

Qualcomm, Microsoft announce Snapdragon 835 PCs with gigabit LTE

Enlarge / Qualcomm's prototype of a Snapdragon 835 motherboard has an area of 50.4 square centimetres. (credit: Qualcomm)

Qualcomm's Snapdragon ARM-based systems-on-chips are mainstays of the smartphone world, but the company is now positioning them as more than just smartphone processors: in conjunction with Microsoft and the new Windows 10 for ARM processors, Qualcomm is now pitching the chips as components of a new PC platform that brings together the best of the PC and the smartphone.

The Snapdragon 835 chip, incorporating Qualcomm's latest X16 LTE modem, forms the basis of the Snapdragon Mobile PC Platform. Qualcomm claims that using the Snapdragon platform will offer a combination of the PC form factor and breadth of software, with features that are standard in smartphones: on-the-go connectivity, light weight, silent operation, long battery life, and no fan.

Qualcomm says that PCs built using the new chips will offer up to 50 percent more battery life than x86 systems, with four- to five-times longer standby times. They'll take the Connected Standby capability already found in some Windows PCs—this allows the system to do things like sync mail and receive notifications even when "sleeping"—and make it better, thanks to their LTE connectivity.

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Windows 10 and 10 S options are coming for the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro

 Three weeks to the day after launching the Surface Laptop, Microsoft is back with the latest version of its laptop replacement, the Surface Pro. The company says it eliminated the numbering scheme to streamline things — but sometimes simplification has the exact opposite effect. Things are kind of confusing here, for a number of reasons. Read More

Weeks after launching the Surface Laptop, Microsoft announces its new Surface Pro laptop replacement

 Microsoft says it didn’t mean to do a “head fake” when it told the press that this week’s big event in Shanghai wouldn’t center around the launch of the Surface Pro 5. Sure, the company was telling the truth, but that’s really a technicality, because the new Surface Pro (full stop) is really the Surface Pro 5. Read More

Windows 10 S: no command line apps, free Pro upgrades for assistive tech users

Enlarge / The Windows 10 S default wallpaper is a rather attractive simplified version of the Windows 10 default wallpaper. (credit: Microsoft)

While still not out yet, we're learning a little more about what Windows 10 S, the imminent version of Windows 10 that'll run Store apps but nothing more, will and won't be able to do.

First, a thing 10 S won't do: run command-line applications. CMD and PowerShell, the two built-in Windows command-line interfaces, won't be supported. Neither will the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) that allows the use of Linux software on Windows. The rationale is that the built-in command-line applications include dangerous tools (for example, the diskpart partitioning program) that can break things, and the Store has no third-party command-line tools at all. To keep Windows 10 S protected against user error, they're all prohibited.

Oddly, at Microsoft's Windows 10 S launch event, I was successfully able to run both CMD and PowerShell on a number of the Windows 10 S machines that were on display. Although the obvious ways of launching these things were removed (no entry in the Start menu or the Win-X menu, for example), the programs themselves did run. Leaked builds of Windows 10 S do appear to properly prevent their execution.

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Microsoft’s Windows Story Remix uses machine learning to make your videos look awesome

 Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply take your videos, photos and music and tell an application to turn those into a nice video presentation? With Windows Story Remix, that’s what Microsoft is trying to attempt. This new application, which will launch with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update later this year, combines all of the new features in this upcoming version of Windows… Read More

Microsoft announces the Fall Creators Update, the next major update to Windows 10

 At its Build developer conference in Seattle, Microsoft today announced the Windows 10 Creators Update. This is the next major update of Windows 10, which now follows a biannual release cycle. While Microsoft didn’t want to tell us when exactly this update will launch to all Windows 10 users, it’s a fair bet that it’ll arrive about six months after the launch of the… Read More

Bash on Windows 10 goes beyond Ubuntu and gets support for Fedora and SuSE, too

 One of the biggest surprises at Microsoft’s Build developer conference last year was that the company was building support for the Bash shell on top of an Ubuntu-based Linux subsystem right into Windows 10. This feature launched widely with the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary update and over the course of the last few months, it built upon this project with frequent updates, but… Read More