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Tim Cook says Apple’s car project is ‘the mother of all AI projects’

 In a very brief interview with Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed once again that the company has been working on an Apple car. This isn’t the first time Cook commented on the record on Apple’s ongoing work in the car industry. Cook described Apple’s car project as the combination of three different factors — self-driving cars, electric vehicles and ride-sharing.… Read More

Apple started a $1 billion fund to create advanced manufacturing jobs in the US

 Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed today, in an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, that the hardware titans have formed a new, $1 billion fund to promote advanced manufacturing jobs in the U.S. While President Donald Trump is certain to approve, the initiative was something that Apple began working on well before he was elected, going back to June 2016 according to reports in Japanese… Read More

Apple hits a speed bump in Q2 after its stock soared in the past year

 Apple hit a little snag in the second quarter, falling slightly under what Wall Street expected in its earnings report — causing a slight drop after its stock has jumped massively in the past year. The company reported earnings of $2.10 per share on revenue of $52.9 billion. Wall street was looking for earnings of $2.02 per share on revenue of around $53 billion. It also sold 50.8… Read More

Uber responds to report that it tracked users who deleted its app

 Uber tracked former users even after they deleted the app from their iPhones, a practice that eventually earned CEO Travis Kalanick a scolding from Apple chief executive Tim Cook, the New York Times reports. Uber is pushing back on the allegations, saying that the tracking is a common industry practice used to prevent fraud and account compromise. Uber allegedly used a practice called… Read More