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UK surveillance law still fuzzy on decryption rules for comms providers

 A little more detail has emerged about how a key component of the controversial UK surveillance law, the Investigatory Powers Act, which was passed at the end of last year, is likely to function — after a government consultation document on so-called Technical Capability Notices was published by the digital rights organization Open Rights Group yesterday. Read More

Tor node operator arrested in Russia will be held on terrorism charges until June trial

A silhouette of a hacker with a black hat in a suit enters a hallway with walls textured with blue internet of things icons 3D illustration cybersecurity concept Earlier this month, a Tor node operator in Russia was arrested in a potential misunderstanding about the nature of the decentralized network. Dmitry Bogatov, a lecturer at the Moscow Finance and Law University, was taken into custody on April 6 and charged with organizing mass unrest, which was later appended with the more serious charge of incitement to terrorist activity. He remains in… Read More

General Keith Alexander is coming to Disrupt NY

 As the longest-serving director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Keith Alexander certainly knows a thing or two about cybersecurity and the threats companies face from sophisticated nation-state hackers. That’s why Alexander founded IronNet Cybersecurity in 2014 after retiring from his post at NSA. In the three years since IronNet was founded, cybersecurity has become an issue of… Read More