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Slack’s head of communication design on building teams and improving diversity in tech

 Kristy Tillman is the head of communication design at Slack. In our 20th episode, she talks about what it’s like building a team from scratch and how brand and communication design plays a role in an organization. She also explains why diversity is less about numbers and more about having the right perspectives present. Starting from nothing is not an easy task, but it’s one… Read More

UX master Jared Spool evolves our thinking on design maturity and product vision

 Jared Spool is the founder of UIE and co-founder of Center Centre. In our 19th episode, he hits on the topics of UX design’s coming of age, the true role design plays in a business, and dives into the details of what his design school is aiming to do differently. When trying to convince executives of the value of design, Spool says the best way to start out is to ask them what problem… Read More

Autodesk VP of design on why DEOs make for better CEOs

 Maria Giudice is the VP of design at Autodesk. In our 18th episode, she shares how artists can become CEOs, explains what a design executive officer (DEO) is and discusses the skills designers can develop today to help them become the leaders of the future. Giudice explains the stark contrasts between CEOs and DEOs, saying the mission of a CEO is to maximize investment for shareholders,… Read More

Why Tom Kelley of IDEO is the ultimate disciple of ‘design thinking’

 In our 16th episode, we talk with Tom Kelly, a partner at IDEO, about the definition of innovation, how to take back your creative confidence, and the habits that can shape not only your current design team, but the up-and-coming design leaders of the world. The word “innovation” has gotten overused. Kelley says innovation, at the most fundamental level, is a fresh… Read More

Citi Global head of design on how design is actually a blue-collar profession

 Stephen Gates is the Global Head of Design at Citi. In our 15th episode, we talk about how design and creativity are actually blue collar professions, what it’s like to approach design for an industry as old as banking, and what it takes to become a design leader, regardless of where you are in your design career. Design is not easy work and it’s not solely comprised of… Read More

Google Material Design Lead shares origin story of the company’s design vision

 Rich Fulcher is the head of Material Design UX and Engineering at Google. In our fourteenth episode, we talk about how Material Design was built, how to create your own design language within your company, and why strong culture plays a critical role in the design process. When Larry Page returned as CEO of Google, he gave the company a very broad mandate. To “make Google… Read More

Mailbox founder Gentry Underwood on productivity, collective intelligence and building a $100M email app

 Gentry Underwood is the co-founder of Mailbox. In our 12th episode, we talk on design being a “we” vs an “I” issue, how to be your most productive self, and discuss what it took to turn Mailbox into a $100 million acquisition within 30 days of being launched. Design doesn’t have to be approached as a “we,” according to Underwood. However, when… Read More