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Advertising giants leave little room for adtech startups, and VCs are noticing

 Since the earliest days of the commercial web, there was a Faustian bargain struck between users and content publishers: Users got free access to online content in exchange for tolerating ads sold by the very same publishers delivering the latest words, images, and videos. And, by and large, it’s a bargain that’s worked out well for digital advertisers. According to data published… Read More

Hear Dataminr and NYC officials talk about using social media in emergency situations

 These days, it’s probably more common to hear about news breaking on Twitter or Facebook than from a broadcast news network or the radio. In an age where eyewitness news has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to social media, public officials like police, fire departments, and other government agencies (more on that in a bit) are looking for new tools to get up to speed on emergencies… Read More