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UK’s long-delayed digital strategy looks to AI but is locked to Brexit

matt-hancock-uk-digital-director2 The UK government is due to publish its long awaited Digital Strategy later today, about a year later than originally slated. Existing delays having been compounded by the shock of Brexit. Drafts of the strategy framework seen by TechCrunch suggest its scope and ambition vis-a-vis the digital technologies has been pared back and repositioned vs earlier formulations of the plan. Read More

UK faces triple whammy from skills shortfall, visa restrictions and Brexit uncertainty

Teenage students with arms raised in classroom Britain’s tech sector faces a “triple whammy” hit to its workforce without government action, according to a new report. Firstly, from a critical fall-off in STEM skills in its own population; secondly, from visa restrictions on the availability of high-skilled specialists from overseas; and, thirdly, from the uncertainty of the impact of Brexit on its highly international… Read More