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Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant is finally coming to the U.S. — but only as a preview

 Samsung’s much-touted, but mostly absent, smart assistant continues to amble its way to the U.S. After a big false start during the Galaxy S8’s launch, Bixby Voice is finally making its stateside debut. At least kind of, sort of. The company is positioning this is a “sneak peak” for the feature that was initially planned to debut on its new flagship phones. Starting… Read More

Crunch Report | 2017 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report is released, Elon Musk draws his line with Trump, Nest’s newest smart camera, Nest Cam IQ, is released and Samsung’s Bixby personal assistant is reportedly running a little late on its release. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Samsung’s elusive Bixby voice assistant is reportedly still weeks away from launching

 In the battle of the voice assistants, one entrant still appears to be staying rather quiet. Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant was initially supposed to launch alongside the company’s Galaxy S8 smartphone, but after a series of delays the English language version may not be reaching U.S. customers until late June, the WSJ reports. Sources tell WSJ that Bixby isn’t quite ready… Read More

Smart assistants are the new Android skins, everyone is building one and most are still pretty useless

 In the early days of Android, skins were the norm. Manufacturers looked to set themselves apart from countless competitors with custom design languages at proprietary apps, to the point where many actually slowed down and hurt the experience in the process. The tide has, thankfully, turned on that front. While a full-vanilla Android experience isn’t always the norm, many learned the… Read More

A disappointing debut for Samsung’s smart assistant, Bixby

 Last week Samsung announced that the Galaxy S8 would ship without Bixby Voice control. It seems unlikely that little bombshell will dissuade anyone from buying the new flagship. It is, after all, a great piece of hardware, as detailed in our recent review. Still, it’s a notable disappointment for one of the phone’s key selling points and a stumble for a feature that’s… Read More

Samsung’s new voice assistant won’t understand English when Galaxy S8 launches

Enlarge / Bixby didn't really work during our late March demo, but here are some Bixby cards. (credit: Ron Amadeo)

Reports indicate that Samsung will delay the English version of its first voice-assistant app, named Bixby, instead of launching it simultaneously with the Galaxy S8 smartphone on April 21.

The Wall Street Journal credits "people familiar with the matter" with the discovery. These sources also tell the WSJ that Bixby's English version could be delayed until as late as "the end of May." That estimate was not based on a "final" decision, the report warns. No information was given about when other language versions of Bixby should be expected to launch.

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