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Entelo steps up its AI game with $20M Series C 

 The race to crown a winner in the AI-powered recruiting software space is on. With both Workey and Mya nabbing rounds in the last few weeks, the timing is prime for a few players to seek advantage in the form of growth capital. This seems to be exactly what Entelo, a six year old player in the space, is doing. The company is announcing a $20 million Series C round of financing today led by U.S. Read More

Discontent and disruption in the world of content delivery networks

 As Content Delivery Networks (CDN) market leaders like Akamai and CloudFlare grapple with technological shifts, some innovators like Teridion, Signal Sciences and (in which I am an investor) are making rapid advances. The CDN market, estimated at $5bn today, is anticipated to be over $10bn by 2019. While the market is growing rapidly, can the giants learn to dance? How are the… Read More