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Autodesk VP of design on why DEOs make for better CEOs

 Maria Giudice is the VP of design at Autodesk. In our 18th episode, she shares how artists can become CEOs, explains what a design executive officer (DEO) is and discusses the skills designers can develop today to help them become the leaders of the future. Giudice explains the stark contrasts between CEOs and DEOs, saying the mission of a CEO is to maximize investment for shareholders,… Read More

Carl Bass on his surprising Autodesk exit — and what’s next

img_1100 Carl Bass is sitting at his desk at Autodesk today, but he’s no longer CEO of the publicly traded design software company. He stepped down earlier this week in a move that some associated — wrongly, notes Bass — with an interview Bass granted to the outlet Pando, wherein he disparaged President Donald Trump. This morning, we talked with Bass about his resignation, his… Read More