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Mastercard trials biometric bankcard with embedded fingerprint reader

 Mastercard is trialling a Chip and PIN bankcard that includes an embedded fingerprint reader, introducing a biometric authentication layer for card payments — and taking a leaf out of the book of Apple Pay et al in the process. The thinking here being: why pay by entering a PIN when you can stick your thumb on it? Read More

Milanote bags $780k seed to tool up its ‘Evernote for creatives’

 Milanote’s visual workspace platform feels part Evernote, part Pinterest — offering users digital spaces (“boards”) paired with a drag and drop interface that can be used to add and position photos and notes to create visual moodboards and/or display a grouping of ideas as part of a research project. Read More

A conversation about digital copyright reform

 The European Union is in the process of reforming copyright laws that date back to 2001, as part of a wider strategy to establish a Digital Single Market across the 28 Member States of the bloc, aiming to break down regional barriers to ecommerce. Read More