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PSA: Going to a music festival? Keep your phone close

 There are rules that every seasoned concert-goer knows: Drink lots of water. If you see someone who looks like they’re about to faint after a day of being blasted by the sun, help them. Don’t be a jerk. Seems it’s time to add another to the list: watch your phone! Concerts and music festivals are like heaven for pick pockets. Cram a few thousand people elbow-to-elbow for hours… Read More

You can now live stream to YouTube from your phone if you have at least 1,000 subscribers

 Back in February, YouTube gave people the ability to live stream directly to their channel from their phones… with one catch: it was only open to folks with 10,000 subscribers or more. If you’ve been dying to hop on the live streaming train but haven’t hit that 10k mark yet, good news: they’ve dropped the requirement to 1,000 subscribers as opposed to 10,000.… Read More

Stripe acquires Indie Hackers, a knowledge-sharing community for entrepreneurs

 Stripe has acquired Indie Hackers, a website and community focusing on helping entrepreneurs become profitable while remaining independent. News of the acquisition broke through a blog post by Indie Hackers founder Courtland Allen and was quickly confirmed by Stripe’s twitter account. “When I set out to build Indie Hackers last July, there weren’t many places that put… Read More

Someone recreated The Office’s Dunder Mifflin in explorable 3D and I love it

 The Office is one of two shows that we have on near-constant rotation in our house. It won’t sound too weird, then, when I say that trying to mentally recreate the layout of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch is something I’ve found myself doing more than once. You too? Good news! Now someone has done it in fully explorable, browser-friendly 3D. Read More

Watch Zelda’s directors go deep on creating the masterpiece that is Breath Of The Wild

 The newest Zelda game, Breath Of The Wild, is — and I say this without any attempt at being hyperbolic — an instant masterpiece. I won’t go so far as to call it the best game of all time — but if such a title can exist objectively, this one is certainly in the ring. It’s rare to see something like this thrust into the world and have it so quickly and widely… Read More

The new Pokémon just went live in Pokémon GO and the servers are melting again

server The good news: the 80+ new Pokémon that were supposed to hit Pokémon GO “later this week”? They just went live. I caught a Chikorita! The bad news: If you were a player in the early days, things might look pretty familiar right now… in that you might just be looking at an error screen. The server seems to be having a hard time at the moment, with players reporting issues… Read More