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Tesla opens up Solar Roof pre-orders, answers the most important question: how much will it cost you?

 Back in October of last year, Tesla unveiled a new project it had been secretly cracking away at behind the scenes: solar roof tiles. Unlike traditional solar panels that sit on top of the roof; these solar tiles would replace your roof outright — and, if all went to plan, they’d look as good as any other roof. Just… maybe a little shinier. The first question that popped up on… Read More

Really, Nintendo, people want a smaller, travel-friendly dock for the Switch

 People really to seem want a smaller, lighter dock for the Nintendo Switch. One that’ll let you hook a Switch up to a TV while on the road without wasting suitcase real estate with the brick-sized, mostly-air-inside dock that comes in the box. Last week I wrote about a travel dock one DIYer made for himself by gutting and rebuilding the original dock, and the number of people that wrote… Read More

Here’s Google’s official statement on today’s fast-spreading phishing attack

 Early this afternoon, a new type of phishing attack popped up targeting Google Docs/Gmail users and spread like crazy. Well disguised and infuriatingly subtle, just a click or two (on what was an actual Google-hosted URL, no less) handed some mystery attacker the ability to read your Gmail and forwarded the phishing attack to everyone you’d ever emailed. The attack was simple, but… Read More

PSA: This Google Doc scam is spreading fast and will email everyone you know

 A new Google Docs phishing scam just reared its head a few hours ago, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Google appears to be taking action to stop it, but in the mean time: be super, super wary of Google Doc invites for now. If you fall for this one (and plenty of otherwise eagle-eyed people have already), it’ll blast out the bait to everyone on your contact list. Here’s what… Read More

Luxe to end door-to-door valet service, will launch “new service” this summer

 Luxe started as a company that promised to make parking in busy cities less awful with an app that summoned blue-jacketed, scooter-carrying valets to your location to whisk your car away until you needed it back. It seems they’re pivoting away from that initial vision. Users began receiving emails like the one below this afternoon, promising “a new service” by summer of… Read More

Google is fixing up Chromecast’s ‘Cast a tab’ feature and you can try the new version now

 I’ve been saying it for a few years now, but I really, really like the Chromecast — Google’s simple little dongle for streaming Netflix/Hulu/YouTube etc. from your devices to your TV with just a tap or two. It does what it’s supposed to do, does it well and doesn’t try to do anything more than that. Well… that’s not entirely true. Read More

Apple releases a bit of code to let you put Live Photos on your sites

 Apple’s Live Photos are fun — they’ve definitely captured a few unexpected magical moments for me that standard stills would’ve missed. But for the most part, they live on your phone and stay within the confines of your apps. Seeing them floating around the web, especially on a desktop browser, has always been something of a rarity. Tumblr kicked down that wall a bit… Read More

That fancy smart gadget you plugged into your car could allow hackers to turn off the engine

 More and more devices, from smart dash cams to head-up displays to Bluetooth-enabled diagnostics dongles, are looking to tap your car’s built-in diagnostic (or OBD-II) port for power and data. The problem: this port… really wasn’t built to be used like that. Primarily designed to be tapped occasionally to better explain that oh-so-vague “Check Engine” light, it… Read More

StarCraft is now free, nearly 20 years after its release

 Have you always wanted to check out that StarCraft game you’d heard so much about, but somehow managed to go nearly twenty years without buying a copy? Good news! Nearly two decades after its 1998 release, StarCraft is now free. Legally! Blizzard has just released the original game — plus the Brood War expansion — for free for both PC and Mac. You can find it here. Up until… Read More